Morning thoughts

I must admit, that I after a reasonably unpleasant day yesterday and an equally unpleasant sleepless night, I am feeing a little lost this morning. But I wanted to jump in here and say hello first off! And share a few of my thoughts with you this morning.

It occurred to me this morning, that the littlest things mean the most to you, when most of your power is taken from you each day. Laying in bed this morning thinking "hmmmm should I stay here and try to fall asleep again, or just get up and make coffee already?" may well be the nicest decision I have to make all day, because it’s MINE.

No one is making it for me, no one is waiting for me to make the wrong decision, and no one cares which I choose to do first. That means a lot to me right now. It may be one of the few times in my day where I don’t have to step back and think of every other person each time I go to make a decision, however small it may be to most people out there.

Being a survivor, the feeling of powerlessness is not a new feeling to me, not at all. But it is always a very scary feeling. This is one of the reasons why a community like the AGA is so important in my life. Women’s communities provide more than a shoulder or two to lean on when you don’t feel like you can stand up on your own, but it gives women back their power, as it provides a space where they are worthy, and equal to every other woman there.

For many of us, including myself, that is something which is very hard to find elsewhere, and when we do find it, we cherish it.