Long lost, never forgotten

I like sundays. I never used to, especially not in high school, because it meant the dreaded monday was just that much closer. It also meant that I had to find some sort of an excuse to tell my mother when I got home at 6am sunday morning in last nights crinkled clothes, which looked oh so good when I last left the house. Now, its my only day off, and I try to enjoy every second of it from the moment I open my sleepy eyes at the beginning of the day. Today, was an exceptionally good day for me, and the best part about that is I made it that way and nobody tried to ruin it. There is something so special about meeting up with old friends. Friends who you can sit silently with, and they know what you are thinking about from across the table. Friends who understand the importance of sharing a glance, a laugh, a tear, with them when there is no need for any words at all. Today I met up with some of those friends. Today was a good day.

Tomorrow is my treasured friend Katie's 20th Birthday, so today we all went out to lunch to celebrate and catch up. It was mostly the girls from my high school who I have not seen in a long time. Girls I thought maybe I would never see again, who I often wonder about on those nights where I sit alone with a glass of wine and remember what it was like to constantly have someone who, without question, would hold my hand through the most horrific times of my life without even knowing what was going on with me, but knowing, sensing, that I didnt want them to know. I lost contact with them when we all flew off on our own journeys after high school, some of us to university, some of us overseas, and some never leaving home at all. I thought I had lost some of these friends, due to our lack of contact, well due to MY lack of contact, as it is not my strongest point, but the moment I walked into the room I saw the same old group of gals sitting around that table like we were 13 again. That feeling alone was enough to make my eyes well up right there.

We talked about everything, our lives now, our families (I was rather quiet during that conversation, I have to say), and how much we all missed each other. One of the things I enjoyed most about today, was that when I left them, we were all girls, straight out of high school, and had no idea what we wanted or where we were going. I was still being abused and never thought I would be sitting around a table today talking candidly about our lives right now, and right there, looking around the table, I saw amazing, inspiring Women. And that makes me feel so very proud, and a little bit of that pride is of myself as well, because here I am.

I will never forget the sound of their voices today. Sunday was a very good day.