Bra Burning Weirdo's?

I don't tend to watch a whole lot of TV most of all because I just don’t have that much time or attention for it, and most of the time when I turn it on there is something there that will trigger me so I tend to just avoid it as much as I can. But the other night while trying to wind down after work, I saw a show on TV that has been running in New Zealand for the last few weeks. It is a documentary on the difference's between the sexes, I started to pay some attention to it at the beginning but was not surprised to find that it was nothing really informative or interesting, but was mostly just the stereotypical "differences" such as women love to shop and men love to drink beer.

Anyway in one part of the show the people who were being interviewed were asked about feminists and what they thought of feminism. I only managed to see one answer, which came from a woman who is quite well known over here, which was "they are just bra burning weirdo’s". My first thought was actually more about how I would never burn my bra's as they are quite handy most of the time (to me anyway), and the next was I was amazed at how little people really know about feminism and women's issues in general, even women themselves. I already knew that many people are ignorant about feminism and hold the same view as the Woman on the show, but what really shocked me is when I thought about how little I really was taught in school about women, women's history, achievement's, not to mention how little we were taught about our own body’s, and I went to an all girl's school where such a topic would have been so so beneficial to all of us there.

I remember turning five years old and being sent to school in my uniform and asking my mum why the girls had to wear skirts and the boys got to wear shorts which are much easier to run around in. My Mother didn’t have any real answer to give me, so she shushed me and off I went in my annoying woolen pleated skirt (which I managed to rip and get filthy as I ran and climbed in the playground just as much as any of the boys). My mother probably asked herself that question at 5 too, and never got an answer. Why do the girl's get shushed so much? Why are women who are interested in looking at their lives and asking questions considered bra burning weirdo’s?

All Women see these injustices going on everyday, when we are undermined or mistreated because of our sex. All women ask themselves at times why does that have to happen just because they are female. Feminists ask those questions out loud, for the good of all women, and if that makes me a weirdo, then I am proud to be one.