Catch up New Zealand

One thing I have noticed in the three weeks I have spent in Canada so far is that society here is much less forgiving of sexism than in my own home of New Zealand. The first night I arrived in Canada I managed to catch a bit of the news where a rapist had been released from prison and there was a huge crowd protesting his release so near to a school. At home it seems people are not so vocal about such things, especially when it is about the safety of women.

I always had a hard time explaining to friends over the internet who are from this area how hard it is for a woman to really be vocal about being a survivor at home. Reporting is hard in any case, but at home once you report, as a woman you are stirring up a whole lot of trouble that people dont want to know about. Especially in my case where the man was so close to my family.

I'm seriously tired of hearing the expression "boys will be boys". As I cant tell you how many people said those words to me when I tried to tell them about some of the things that happened.

Here it is so different. I never thought of my own culture as being so behind in such things, but now that I have seen it I know I need to do something about it when I return home, if I have a voice in Canada then I should have one in the country I call home, where I was born and raised. My counsellor at home even told me she is glad I didnt report, because I would not have won, if I had I would have paid for it in the harshest of ways by the community, and its just not worth it. So these men are all still out there.

I think its time for change.