Girl's beating girl's - what's wrong here?

The latest incident in Florida, where a group of teenage girls attacked and beat a fellow class,ate and video taped it to put it on Myspace saddened me greatly. Girl's beating up other girl's. Just the thought of that really bothers me. Women physically overpowering another woman, and often, as I found out from a number of teenage girls (and boys) who work with me the fight is about a guy who both girls are interested in or something along those lines.

I never experienced girl's at my high school actually physically fighting with each other, although sadly we had a whole lot of verbal bashing and rumors going on, which really is no better.

To me, this all screams male domination. Girl's feeling as though they have to almost win a guy by physically beating another girl, concerns me greatly. It divides us more, gives men more control, and basically men are having women do all the dirty work for them so they come out looking innocent. At least, thats how I see it. I feel that girls who are involved in this are really traveling along a dangerous road toward abusive relationships with these guys. When a teenage girl basically gets herself beaten up in order to say "hey I like you, look at me" to a guy at school, what is that telling the guy? What does that say about a guy who would actually accept that kind of behavior, and enjoy it?

I had a conversation with a 14 year old I work with about all of this, and my thoughts on it, trying to at least get through to her what these kids are doing to each other is really dangerous and not empowering women. What worried me was that she really couldn't see another way around it, she didn't agree with what I was saying, in fact she thought the exact opposite, that this shows how tough these girls are and that they wont put up with anything. I very much disagree.

So I would be very interested to hear any of your opinions on this, as it is something that is bothering me greatly, and seems to be so common here in Vancouver.