Can we play?

This last weekend marked the end (finally) of the Rugby season in my village. I look forward to that every year, as I work in the local bar, and do get tired of the drunken idiots from the rugby club pinching my butt as I work and urinating on our door. On Saturday night the local rugby club had their annual prize giving at our bar as we sponsor their club. I had to work, much to my disgrace, but cash is not exactly flying into my wallet these days, so of course I agreed.

About half way through the evening, most of the wives/girlfriends of the guys at the event had drifted away from the drunken crowd of men and were leaning on the bar chatting to the four of us who were working. We were all pretty unenthusiastic about the event and it was when one of the women mentioned that it might be nice if the women who attended the damn thing were actually included and spoken to, that I asked why we don’t actually have any Women’s sports teams in our village, other than one Netball team, and why don’t we have a women’s rugby team, soccer team, cricket team, when there were so many men’s sports teams playing for our village each week. Most of the Women sitting at the bar laughed loudly and wished me good luck with that one, as most of the time we are barely allowed to stand on the sidelines let alone participate and actually play. But a few of the younger gals expressed interest in being able to play some sort of sport.

So once things started to quieten down a bit I approached the president of the club and asked him if I were to round up a few interested Women and girls, would we be able to get a few teams playing for the club. He stared at me for a few seconds before he burst out laughing, and told others around him what I had asked as if it were some kind of hilarious joke I had made. Then he proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t “that kind of club” and that there was some kind of social netball team if we ladies were interested in doing some running around. I was more than a little angry at this, and the girls with me were discouraged enough to actually decide then and there that it wouldn’t be worth it to even mention it again, as they didn’t want to be getting hell from the guys in the club. I however am now more determined to do it than ever.

I’m telling you, I'm so so tired of the boys will be boy’s attitude and basically being told to go and put a bloody apron on. But I am quite happy and willing to piss off a few people around here to get these girls some field time. Once again it looks like I am going to be miss unpopular in this damn town, oh well!