It's my choice, just be okay with it already.

Due to my upcoming trip to Asia, I have had to have a few visits to the Doctor, for my shots etc, which I really don't enjoy doing at all, but more than that, I am totally sick of them talking about how I need to do this and that if I want to have children, because of my endometriosis etc. I patiently explain to them each time I go that it really is not a concern I have as I am not planning on having any anyway. This is apparently not the right answer.

Most of the time they think it's because I am young, and that I will change my mind in a few years, and order tests and things anyway. I am not concerned about whether or not I can get pregnant, now or in the future. I believe that if I can't for whatever reason then maybe I should look after one of the many kids in this country who are in desperate need of a good home, or just not have any at all. And I am happy with this.

I am tired of being told that my mind will change, and that everyone wants kid's eventually. Not everyone does, and that's okay. It doesn't make a person selfish or wierd, like the way they look at me when I say I don't want any. Maybe I don't want to bring kid's into my world. Especially with how I have lived. Maybe I just enjoy ebing free to be me and be a little bit selfish and do what I do and maybe I do know that my mind wont change in the future because this is not just a phase.

I'm tired of this mentality people seem to have (maybe its just in NZ) who don't want to have children for whatever reason must have some horrific reason or just be plain selfish.

In my opinion, having a kid because one just wants to tick the boxes is much more selfish and just not right.