One night in Bangkok

Here I am once again back in New Zealand, after managing to happily avoid christmas (which I just don't do) and take off to Asia for a few months. I wish I could say I am happy to be home, but that would just be one big fat lie.

I seem to just spiral into the same old patterns whenever I am back here, which I am trying hard not to let happen this time around, but god it is hard. Some of the places I travelled to in Asia saddened me to no end at how hard it is for Women there, and how frustrating it is for many of the young Women who i spoke to during my travel's to be told that they can either get married, or sell themselves to tourists night after night, as if their whole exsistance is to satisfy men.

I met a young Woman in Bangkok, Thailand one night, after being ditched by my friends and wandering around the backstreets of Bangkok, very drunk (very stupid). I decided to give up looking for my hotel, and crash out on a bench, as it was already pretty close to sunrise, when I saw this young Woman walking past crying, bleeding, and hunched over. Of course I was more than a little concerned so I called her over. Upon talking to her I found out that she had been sold by her husband, to a Swiss tourist, who lives in Bangkok now on buisness, who also beats her daily and sells her to his friends. I asked her if she could tell the police and she said she doesnt have enough money to pay them.

We talked for a few hours on that bench, about her and about me, and school, and Mother's and all the crap we are just so sick of dealing with. And it hit me that although our countries are vastly different, there are sadly many similarities when it comes to silencing Women. I have been there with the feeling powerless, knowing that telling or not telling, I will be in trouble either way, although at least for me, there is an option of escaping and just being a single Woman, because for her, that is not an option at all. All she ever wanted to do was work in a little shop selling her jewellery, thats all.

How is this world still thinking this way. Who is stepping up to be an advocate for Women like her? How can it be 2009, and yet Women still live under the thumb of men, whether they are in government, police, or in our own homes. It all just makes me so angry.