Women meeting Women

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. One of my classes at school is all about learning how to communicate with each other, it's almost like group counselling for student nurses, and today was our first session for that class. My group is mostly Women; in fact out of 150 students there are only 3 men in the whole course, which means I get to hang out with a group of very cool women every day at school, which is always a plus.

So, today my small group (which is about 20 of us) piled into a little class room to learn how to communicate with each other. At first, I must admit I was prepared to dismiss the whole effing thing as lame and intended on staring blankly out of the window for the entire two hours that I was required to sit there. Apparently this was not going to be okay. And yes, I do know that that is a terrible attitude to have, but I close off very easily with any mention of sitting in a circle with strangers and sharing my feelings, my personal life, Jesus, it took me months to figure out counselling with only one other person in the room. To begin the class we all had to go around the group and tell the class what our weaknesses were in communicating with people, and much to my surprise many of the girl's there voiced that they have a much harder time communicating with Women than they do with Men upon first meeting someone.

Obviously because of my past I don’t communicate overly well with men that I don’t know very well, and usually wind up in all sorts of trouble, so I tend to find talking to Women a lot easier and less scary. However many of the Women in my class seemed to feel that when they meet Women for the first time they feel much more judged and worried about first impressions than they do with men. The class put this down to Women being much more judgemental and less friendly than Men.

Of course that did get me talking. I suggested that maybe the relationships we form with Women are often formed over a longer period of time because these relationships are cherished ones, and often a lot deeper than our relationships with Men. So perhaps when we first meet other Women, maybe we can be (well, appear to be) more critical of each other because we are trying to really get to know her. Maybe it is because the relationships we form with other Women are the MOST important to us.

That went down like a bag of bricks. In a room full of Women, no less. But interestingly enough, when the 3 men in the room left on the break, a couple of the once very silent girls in the room did approach me and tell me that what I was saying has some truth for them at least. The rest of them just thought I was a freak, heh. Then again, I am always happy to be a 'freak' when it comes to such issues. Maybe this class will be more interesting than I first thought after all...