A day in the life of Em

Blinking in the dark at 4 am, pretty typical of a Monday. Sunday is a sober day, most of the time, nice, although sleep is a constant battle. Up at 6. All the in between is a blur of torturous silence, where some may find solace I find torment in my own company.

All those hour's but somehow I am always late for school, usually due to my inability to function without caffeine and nicotine. Damn the change I saved for parking, still at home tucked in the pocket of my other jacket.

Embarrassingly late to first class, and it drags, god it drags. I hate my glasses, yet without I can never see the board, never early enough to class to sit even remotely close to the front. More blur.

10 am roll's around all too slowly, more class, more blur, more "don't screw the crew" talks for me. Apparently they think all nursing students are randy little vixens.

Lunch, Thank god for friends, I love you, but please stop trying to set me up with your friends. Not. Interested.

Class, class, class, parking ticket, goddamn that change at home.

Counselling. The part of the day which may actually end in tears, it just depends whether they are of relief, frustration, or pure rage.

5 pm is officially cocktail o'clock. And I know just the girl to do it with. I love her. So confusing. Especially on Monday.

More blur.

More insomnia. More confusion. More and more rage.