Don't start

One thing I learnt from travelling is that sometimes you meet people that are just not worth getting into it with. I usually (well these days, usually :P) don't have a problem with expressing disagreement on certain issues, particularly from a feminist perspective, but I have learnt something about myself, and that is that when I am not heard or allowed to speak up it REALLY annoys me, more than it should. I know that is ignorant, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I cant help but sometimes I am just not able to see where on earth they are coming from, and my inquisitiveness is often misinterpreted as me being very rude.

Last month, while I was in Thailand, we headed down to Koh Phangan which is the most touristy place we dared visit, as both my friend and I usually avoided such places like the plague. The full moon party for New Years eve was apparently too much of a temptation for both of us, and there we were on a resort with about 3 Thai people (who most of the tourists treated like their personal servants) and about a thousands tourists who hadn't even been anywhere else in the country yet, and didnt intend to. Anyway, one evening my friend and I were swimming in the pool at our resort when a couple of English guys decided to join us. It was all good at first, so we decided to hop out of the pool and go to dinner. My friend informed me that one of these guys was appearing quite interested in me, which I was apparently oblivious to, as i tend to be, and she warned me not to "start" and ruin it. I wasn't really sure what it is I ever start.

At dinner, one of the guys started talking about how we shouldnt be travelling alone because all sorts of things could happen to us, and how defenceless we are being women. It was then that I felt sarah squeezing my knee, oh so THIS is what she meant by me about to "start". Well I kept quiet, bursting to inform them that we are quite alright and maybe you should just worry about your own behaviour as the only trouble we have had from men in Asia was from other tourists, but I shut my mouth. The conversation turned to New Zealand, and how happy they were that we have come to our senses and got rid of our female prime minister, the grip on my knee got tighter and I eyed my friend trying to let her know that I was REALLY not interested with hanging out with these men anymore, and perhaps she shouldnt be either. So I left, she stayed. Later she came to the room and gave me an angry (drunk) earful about how I just cant expect everyone to think the way I do.

Maybe I do, but really, why cant I tell them that I disagree. And why would me telling them that suddenly "ruin" my friends "chances" with them. I don't know, maybe I should just shut up more. But in my opinion, when it comes to Women hating, someone needs to speak up, otherwise how do we progress.