AGA Link Love

With the end of the year coming, it seemed as fine a time as any to thank others who have recognized all of you and applaud some of your achievements here at the AGA.

• Austrailia's Wo! Magazine included the AGA in their recent piece on feminist blog community.

• Em's entry Boy Things, Girl Things was listed in the most recent Carnival of Feminists.

• Adrienne's I Love my Body was listed by feminist photographer Laurie Toby Edison as part of The Big, Fat Carnival.

• Some other feminist blogs and orgs who have linked to the AGA include: feminist nation, author Audrey Brashich's blog, the second shift, mad sheila musings, doing justice and the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Hooray for all of you!

(And if any of you have found more AGA recognition out and about that I haven't, by all means, chime in!)