enlist in the AGA!

UPDATE! May 24th, 2011.The AGA is looking for a brand new army and we are waiting for your applications! Read on!

Are you a young feminist looking for a vital community, peer and mentor support, energized discussion and a great place to be seen and heard? The All Girl Army wants you!

The main part of the All Girl Army site is the individual blogs for no more than 29 girls and women between the ages of 10 and 25 who identify as feminist, and a single, collective blog which highlights entries from the individual blogs, as well as news items pertinent to women and girls and topics given for more writing and discussion.

Blogs are expected to represent you and your life, so are personal in some respect, but should address women's and feminist issues en large, evaluated through your own lens. Remember: the personal IS political, so every post needn't be a political screed, but personal entries should have express relevance to feminist/women's issues in some way. You can always evaluate issues in your daily life via a feminist lens in some respects, or share experiences you know other women are also having.

Bloggers are required to post regularly: a minimum of twice each month. Bloggers will also need to read the blogs of the other collective members, participate in and help moderate the discussion areas of the site, and take an active part, including leadership roles, in creating and managing site plans, polices and practices.

Because we have set a limit on the number of women blogging at a given time, there is an application process. The application information you share below will only be seen by the application reviewer(s), except where otherwise noted. Once bloggers pass the age of 25, they may elect to become part of the board collective composed of a group of women over 25, working in support of the younger women.

If accepted, there are some basic rules and guidelines you will be expected to adhere to and abide by. Take a look now, before applying, to make sure that these will work for you. The application follows at the end of this page.

The blog section at the site is for women/female-identified only. The blog section is only for women who are at least 10 years of age, but no older than 25. Those under 13, per COPPA law, will need to affix a parental permission note to their application, giving them both permission to apply and to participate, if accepted.

Per the content you post, we expect a level of age-appropriate professionalism from bloggers on the site. Correct grammar, spelling and paragraph formatting will be expected. We are available to help edit the blogs as need be, or if you want some help. All participants will allow our editorial staff to edit posts if need be.

We don't disallow swearing or strong language, but ask that it only occur when it is sensible in context and in moderation. We will ask that all content be PG-13 in general, so that the site is friendly to all the ages involved, and will not meet access problems due to net nannies and the like. If at any point you want to discuss sexuality issues, we just again want it to stay pretty clean and non-explicit. For obvious reasons, content here needs be woman-friendly -- to ALL women. We also require that content here be nonviolent, and that it be about women (which includes your application: please don't spend a lot of time talking about your boyfriend or other men in your life in your application, as this project is about you and about women).

Per your identity, for your own safety, we will ask that none of our bloggers or discussion forum participants list or share (per private messaging on the site, or via email with general site readers) their last names, home addresses, photos of themselves, or the school they attend. We will, however, in your release, ask for a scan or other copy of some form of legal identification for you.

This application looks official, but understand that we're all very laid back, and this isn't anything to stress out over. Just be yourself and give thought to your answers: after all, that's a big part of this project in the first place!


Please copy, fill out and enclose in the body of an email to: allgirlarmy@gmail.com

Legal Name:
First name to be used for blogging/posting:
Age & Birthdate:
State/Province, Country:
Current level of education:
email address:

A brief general paragraph about yourself, your interests, goals, hopes and achievements:

Please share your personal definition of feminism (this will be used both to consider your application and, if accepted, for a live page containing your collective definitions of feminism) by finishing the following two sentences.

Feminism is...

I knew I was a feminist when...

Who are your feminist sheroes?

Which are your three favorite books on feminism to date (feminist theory, women's history, personal narrative, etc.)? (Note: applicants must include this. Books must be authored by women, and at least two books must be nonfiction.)

What feminist/women's issues are most important to you (mark all which apply)?
_ women's safety
_ feminist theory/the f-word
_ women's history and culture
_ women's education
_ women's athletics
_gender construction/roles
_ women in the arts (music, film, books, dance, visual art, etc.)
_ sexuality/lesbian or bisexual issues
_ interpersonal relationships
_ women's health/reproductive rights
_ equal pay/women's work/women-run business
_ women and girls in the media
_ body image/lookism
_ girls advocacy
_ mothering/pregnancy
_ women's community
_ antiwar/antiviolence
_ international women's issues/politics

What are you looking to benefit from and what to give to a project like this?

If you have been published before, please list those clips here. If you already keep a blog, please list the URL here. Previous publishing or blogging is not, however, a requirement. You may also list other relevant experience with activism or feminism here.

Part of this project will involve working in the collective, both to keep it going, and as a way to learn new skills you have interest in with mentors to help you do so, or to hone existing skills. What areas of the following do you have interest in (mark all which apply):
_ discussion moderation/management
_ graphic/web design
_ community organizing/development
_ conflict resolution
_ web programming
_ public relations/publicity/networking/outreach
_ advertising
_ online activism
_ fundraising/financial

Will you have any special needs (help with language translation, disability issues, learning blog software, etc.)?

Who is the most important woman in your life, excepting yourself? Why?

Please also include one attached/forwarded letter of personal recommendation from any woman who is important to you. That can be ANY woman: a mentor, teacher, coach, parent, sibling or other relative, your best friend, or your cool, old neighbor down the street. A letter from someone who is a friend or mentor online is also acceptable. Because these can take time to elicit, it is fine to send the rest of the application in now and send your reference when you have it. Just let us know if that's what you choose to do.