All Girl Army


AGA Link Love

With the end of the year coming, it seemed as fine a time as any to thank others who have recognized all of you and applaud some of your achievements here at the AGA.

• Austrailia's Wo! Magazine included the AGA in their recent piece on feminist blog community.

• Em's entry Boy Things, Girl Things was listed in the most recent Carnival of Feminists.


Welcome to the All Girl Army!

There is likely little need to say this, because if it isn't already self-evident, it will be very shortly.

But I'm going to say it anyway.

These young women you'll read here? They are an absolute inspiration. They are amazing, revolutionary, insightful, motivated, intelligent, driven, compassionate, brave. They are astonishing women, all of them. There hasn't been a day that passed since I started cultivating this project and hearing from them that something they have said hasn't brought me to the best kind of tears. They are not just everything we want our daughters to be: they are everything we want to be ourselves, no matter our age.

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