Sober truths

The weekend was a whirlwind of drunk days and drunker nights, people I dont know sleeping on the floor of our apartment, someone I know even less sleeping next to me in my bed. At the time it was all a fantastic idea, who doesnt love a weekend where they can just let loose and party day and night? But come monday I was not proud of myself. I had not been sober for seventy two hours and the reality of that hit me, hard, harder than a headache and a shakey morning. I do this to myself more than I should. Its easier for me to be drunk then sober, a lot of the time, and that is something I am not proud of, but its the truth.

Mrs Carter's Eyes

Mrs Carter is 91 years old. Grandmother of one of my dearest friends (who moved to Auckland when we were young) and one of the most inspirational women I think I will ever meet. I just wanted to share some of her with you, because she is a woman who really deserves to be here in a community of other women who are just as precious to me.

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